Abstrakt Sonance drops Misfits EP on Aufect Recordings

April 17, 2017 Blog, Featured, Features, Music

Abstrakt Sonance – Misfits EP (AUF025)

Jaclyn Adair caught up with Tyler Myroon, otherwise known as Abstrakt Sonance, about his new Misfits EP on Aufect Recordings. Dabbling in grime and drum n bass tempos, Misfits is a four track tour through Myroon’s diverse tastes that highlights his signature swagger. He filled DOPE HAUS in on how the collaboration with Aufect started.

DOPE HAUS: What was it like working with Aufect Recordings on your new release?

Abstrakt Sonance: I’ve always looked up to Patrick and Sev [of GREAZUS]. They are absolute OGs who are rightfully respected in Vancouver and the BC bass community. Since they’ve been hearing my name around more and I’ve been gaining some recognition we have been connecting a little more frequently. So I ended up sending them my new EP which, funny enough, was actually inspired by them and they came back and said it would be perfect for Aufect. I’m honored to be a part of it.

DOPE HAUS: What’s unique about Misfits?

Abstrakt Sonance: It’s a new mind state of a project for me. It’s coming from new inspiration and headed in a new direction. It really started from hanging out with the GREAZUS boys at Outlook Festival. I have started to create sounds a little bit more along the lines of the stuff they had been putting out but really with my own twist on it, coming from more of a deep dubstep and grime background. I tried to have a bit more of a gangster, deep dubby feel to the tracks but still along that 170 BPM half-time/half-step stuff that artists like Noisia are pushing a lot right now.

Abstrakt Sonance: I’m also excited about the tune Busy that I’m putting out with Leo Zen, he’s a good homie of mine. He’s known as a Don of drum and bass around these parts and we’ve been doing a lot of collaborations together. This one was driven by a lot of his direction. Although I was trying to come into the whole EP with a more minimalistic approach, we still tried to make it crazy as fuck and unique. I think we managed to pull it off.

DOPE HAUS: What exciting things are coming up for you in the future?

Abstrakt Sonance: It’s going to be a big year of landmarks for me. I’m still not announcing a few of them that I’m really excited about but I am debuting at Motion Notion and Shambhala, Valhalla in Montreal, and I’ll be headed out on my 10th Europe tour in the fall. I’m hitting a ton of countries and playing in London with Youngsta on Rinse FM. Once I get my visa for the States I’ll be doing a USA tour as well in October. Thanks to all the incredible people who have supported me things are really starting to take off and it’s been really exciting.

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Interview by Jaclyn Adair

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