Toronto’s Emissive serves techno on DOPE HAUS

March 4, 2018 Featured, Mixes, Radio


Toronto based technonaut Emissive delivers a mix that you can throw on during your next pre-game, or while you’re studying, cleaning the house or chugging away at work.

Born as Evan Vincent, Emissive came from a musical family. Living abroad in London and experiencing the underground UK scene blossomed their love for music into a full time obsession. Emissive’s style is best described as emotive vibes with jagged textures with fluid, genre bending sets.

Emissive first caught our eye when they were spinning on the Invisible City Records livestream right before Octo Octa. Enjoy this mix, it reminds me of my first weekend surviving a January cold snap in Toronto, wearing a puffy winterjacket that I would inevitably peel off in a sweaty techno ravecave.


Available on

  • Alphonse – Glint AM
  • Joakim Hellgren – Dontcha Hi
  • Jonny Oso – U Took 1 I Took 2
  • T.V.OUT, Smallpeople – Sailor Desperados
  • Raw M.T. – Broken Sea
  • Emissive – ???? (Unreleased)
  • Fear-E – Level 84
  • Multiple Man – Self Servant
  • Lnrdcroy – Ooze City
  • Ploy – Intrigued By The Drum
  • Gingy – Mike Monkey
  • Fetnat – Devol
  • Unfinished Portraits – Memory Lake

Feature photo by Sanj Takhar

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