Femme Fatale @ MIA (Review)

October 5, 2016 Events, Featured, Show Recaps

FEMME FATALE @ MIA (October 1, 2016)

Music: Queensyze – No Sleep (East Van Digital)

Femme Fatale noun, plural femmes fatales a mysterious and seductive woman, whose charms ensnare. An archetype of literature and art; siren.

MIA hosted four Vancouver ‘Femmes Fatales’ for Saturday nights’ Deep Down Inside, an evening of bass and deep house beats. Built upon the remnants of ancient Shine turf, MIA boasts a long open concept with a second cave-like lounge room. Beyond the inconspicuous Gastown entrance, a set of stairs leads you down inside the maze leading to the dancefloor. The low hanging ceilings are equipped with LED strips which enforces the feeling of being underground. The venue is unlike any other that I’ve frequented in Vancouver.

Kicking things off, #femmefatales welcomed back AWOOD to open up the night. She successfully managed to keep my attention with a very unpredictable set, throwing the chorus of “Bad Girls” by M.I.A. into the mix. Her positive vibes quickly warmed up the dance floor in preparation for an exuberant night.

With the summons for our local girl gang out, #deepdowninside resident SARA SUKKHA took to the decks next. With a well rounded sound all her own, Sara Sukkha had the crowd hanging on to each buildup and aching for the drop. The crowd vibed really well with her energy, keeping the night quite literally bumping as she took us all on a trip down the rabbit hole.

Sara Sukkha reminds us that hydration is key to having a good time!


GHouse specialist and resident DJ Sivz decided to dominate the all girl domain by steam rolling her way into an aggressive set. When the gas mask came out, Sivz transformed into a beast behind the decks hyping the crowd. Sivz’s takeover snatched the crowd out of a mellow groove and had the whole house surging with attitude as she mixed it up with rap vocals and some seriously hard house. Ultimately, my favorite performance of the night.

Wrapping up the evening was misssheavious with an intriguing performance to conclude the night. A full house enjoyed her deep bass sound with what I would say is a hypnotic twist, which brought back down the heavy hitting energy from Sivz’s set, to a euphoric groove perfect to contain a fading crowd and keep them going.


Sivz fully equipped and ready with the gas mask

Overall the night was well put together, the ladies all worked the venue which I thought suited the genre of each performance. The artists complemented each other amazingly and built up a powerful performance that made me proud to see so much girl talent slaying the decks. These sirens called out with their music pulling the audience in from all the corners of the venue and then killed them with their beats. I’m looking forward to seeing all these ladies continue to kick ass in the industry.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This review is in support of EQ – the Documentary about gender equality within the Vancouver DJ scene. Watch the trailer to find out more!

Review by Yonella
Edited by Chanel Klein
Video and gifs by Xanax Assassins

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