GQOM and Trade Show USA at Red Bull Music Academy Festival (NYC)

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Red Bull Music Academy Festival (NYC)

Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) Festival is back for it’s fifth year across the boroughs of New York City. The festival boasts appearances by Solange, Gucci Mane, Warner Herzog and more. Besides parties and club nights, RBMA is featuring special workshops, lectures and live performances presented by a stellar lineup of artists.

DOPE HAUS is excited for RBMA Festival’s  upcoming GQOM: Durban → NYC and Trade Show USA events. Here’s what we’re looking forward to this weekend.

The Carry Nation performs at Trade Show USA, part of Red Bull Music Academy Festival, at 99 Scott in Brooklyn, NY, US on 13 May 2017.

GQOM: Durban → NYC

GQOM is a style of dance music from South Africa that is making waves in the United States and beyond. Watch RBMA’s H∆SHTAG$ video below to get a taste of what GQOM is all about.

The lo-fi beats and rugged dance moves of GQOM started evolving in Durham, South Africa from bedroom producers to crazy warehouse parties. GQOM kings DJ Lag, Rudeboyz and DJ Twitty brings the Durban sound to NYC dancefloors at Tender Trap in New York City on May 12, 2017.

Trade Show USA

Trade Show USA: a 12 hour techno, house and disco queer warehouse party. Need we say more? Featuring Honey Soundsystem, WRECKEDnyc, Hondo, Sotlight, NeedlExchange, Men’s Room Chicago, The Carry Nation and DJ Holographic.

Queer dance parties have a long standing history in New York City. RBMA is bringing together all the dance music kings and queens under one roof from 6am-6pm on May 13, 2017. Check it out at 592 Johnson Ave in Brooklyn.

All photos by Ysa Perez/Red Bull Music Academy

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