How to DJ: Intersessions teaches Toronto’s next wave of selectors

March 11, 2018 Events, Featured, Show Recaps


The music workshop series known as Intersessions was created for people who are often excluded and underrepresented in the old boys club of DJing and producing electronic music. Created by co-founders Chippy Nonstop and Rhi Blossom, the workshop has spread to different cities across Canada and beyond.

After a panel discussion with the workshop teachers, participants engage with instructors at various stations dedicated to Traktor, CDJ and turntable DJing. DOPE HAUS editor Chanel Klein visited the first Intersessions workshop of 2018 in Toronto along Queen Street West.


CDJs with Jayemkayem

Along with learning the technique of playing on CDJs, instructor Jayemkayem shows how to setup and troubleshoot the equipment. Participants were also reminded about the importance of reading the room during a set and how to keep the energy flowing from the DJ to the dancefloor.

TRAKTOR with Myst Milano

Producer and rapper Myst Milano runs participants through a quick demonstration of how to run on a Traktor setup. Earlier in the panel discussion, she gave some advice for people who may feel uncomfortable stepping up to the decks at a show for the first time because they’re a woman, trans, PoC or queer DJ. “You’re changing things by just being there,” says Myst.

TURNTABLES with Korea Town Acid

Korea Town Acid runs through the basics of DJing with vinyl. Playing with turntables is a whole different game, Korea Town Acid explained. They taught participants about the best practices when working with records, the best places to buy vinyl and the major differences between turntables, Traktor and CDJs.

Photos by Chanel Klein on behalf of DOPE HAUS

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