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‘Hierarchy’ EP Out Mid-July via Waxman Recordings
Watch the “Madman” video HERE
*DISCLAIMER: Contains Gore & Violence*


“A hard-hitting, in-your-face, bass-driven tune inspired by the wrongful conviction of the triumvirate’s frontman Guillotine Mack…the song touches on socio-economic issues and pulls no punches.”
-Big Shot Mag
In advance of their debut ‘Hierarchy’ EP (coming in July), UK hip hop/grime trio Raw Calibre have just released a highly metaphorical music video for their first single “Madman.” The video, which was premiered by Bloody Disgusting, stars the group’s three members and brings the song’s politically-charged lyrics to life. Taking the stylized violence of A Clockwork Orange to new extremes, the video shows a mad scientist (representing the middle class) performing twisted experiments on a destitute man who embodies the lower class, while the sharply-dressed upper class pulls all the strings.


“The Madman video is an extreme visual metaphoric depiction of how we see society from behind the veil,” say Raw Calibre, and director KC Locke called it “Sick in every meaning of the word.”


“Madman” was inspired by the wrongful conviction of frontman Guillotine Mack and the helpless situation he found himself in. “During my time in jail, I finally realized where someone like me sits in the hierarchy of society,” says Mack, and he expresses himself with creative, thought-provoking lyrics in the imitable style of the true Mancunia. Production comes from notorious dubstep producer MRK1, whose heart-thumping bass and infectious melodies pave a platform for Raw Calibre to unleash their verbal assault on the music industry.



Raw Calibre’s home city of Manchester has gained a notorious reputation over the past few decades for contributing controversial artists to the world of music, such as The Smiths and Joy Division. A city famed for its industrial roots and rich musical heritage but plagued with gangland violence and criminality, the “no nonsense” attitude of Manchester has always managed to keep audiences entranced and captivated.

Fast forward to 2015 and Manchester is still firmly on the musical map and widely respected as a city known for spawning genre defining acts to the world of bass music and hip-hop with internationally renowned artists such as Zed Bias, Dub Phizix, Virus Syndicate, DRS and Shotty Horroh.


Enter Raw Calibre, the newest edition to Manchester’s underground Hip-hop and bass legacy.  A trio with firm sights on making their mark on the world stage.


With such bold lyrics and its fittingly twisted video, Raw Calibre’s “Madman” certainly lives up to their hometown’s name. Check out the video above, and keep an eye out for the ‘Hierarchy’ EP next month.


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