SectionZ Announces Free 420 Compliation

April 9, 2015 Blog, Features, Music
In honor of 4/20, aka National Marijuana Day, forward-thinking electronic label SectionZ Records will be releasing a free two-part 31-track compilation, titled SectionZ Higher, that encompasses the diversity of their roster and highlights the label’s strong commitment to marijuana law reform. This free double album features tracks from lauded SectionZ artists like Savant and Mr. Bill alongside relative newcomers like Evoke, Panda Coast, and Zanski.
SectionZ as a whole are major proponents of cannabis legalization and feel that it is an important component of both the artistic process for their artists and the listening process for their fans. “To us there is no better way to listen than to have a free mind,” says label founder/manager Josh Hernandez, “and weed certainly can help accomplish this and even train you to listen beyond the surface.”
The compilation is split into two parts, Indica & Sativa, which are named after the two main types of marijuana strains and which take into account how each affects the body and mind. Higher: Indica, named for what is typically associated with a “body high,” where one feels relaxation, features some of the more laid back tracks from the label, whereas Higher: Sativa, named for what is typically associated with a “head high,” where one feels more energetic, contains more upbeat tracks.
“Our artists and ethos support the legalization and responsible use both to listen and create,” says Hernandez. “We would proudly stand with any artist or community in this regard and provide our network and resources to the cause.”
SectionZ Higher: Indica
Track List:
1. Savant – Zion
2. WeAreCastor – 7098
3. Zeiph – Solaris
4. Zeiph – Just In Time
5. Savant – Nebula
6. Zeiph – Turn & Twist
7. WeAreCastor – Bon Voyage
8. Mr. Bill & Evoke – Same
9. Panda Coast – Pastels
10. Zanski – Wait For Me
11. Sonotherapy – Lloviznando
12. Sonotherapy – That Beautiful Integrity
13. Sonotherapy – Good Catches
14. Sonotherapy – Inner Paradise
15. Source Vibrations – Swadhisthana
16. Source Vibrations – Manipura
SectionZ Higher: Sativa

Track List:
1. Mr. Bill & Tha Fruitbat – Straight Up Seminal Shit
2. Sikis – Bab to Twist
3. Zanski – Jersey Kids
4. Nymus – Filter Funk
5. WeAreCastor – Bots
6. Zanski – Saturnine
7. Savant – Return
8. Detective Orange – OMG I Can’t Even
9. Zanski – Serial Killer ft. Qwentalis
10. Detective Orange – Without You ft. Q’Aila
11. Hades of Spades – Machinedogs Reprise
12. Insan3lik3 – Even When I’m Down Under
13. Panda Coast – For Me
14. Exogenesis – Surreal
15. WeAreCastor – Outtro
SectionZ today is a genre-defying electronica record label and artist management company. Having its origins in 1999, SectionZ started as the original online electronic music community, launching the careers of hundreds of electronic musicians including deadmau5SavantToby EmersonLiquid Flow, and Kaster, among many others.
SectionZ consistently finds and grows the artists who emerge to define the new sounds of electronic music, and since their inception in 1999, have empowered the musicians themselves through peer connections and support.

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