Coming full circle with Sudan Archives at Moogfest

May 31, 2017 Features, Interviews


Los Angeles’ Sudan Archives is a self-taught violinist, vocalist and producer with a new EP forthcoming on Stone’s Throw Records. Her ethereal Moogfest performance filled a cathedral with soulful loops and delicately layered vocals in front of a spellbound audience. DOPE HAUS editor Chanel Klein caught up with Sudan Archives shortly before her flight back to California.

DOPE HAUS: What was it like performing at Presbyterian Church stage?

SUDAN ARCHIVES: It was just me up front doing my thing in a huge cathedral church. It was my first time performing my own music in a church, that was pretty cool. I felt like I had to do a crazy recital. As the show went on I felt more relaxed and everyone was into it. The sound was amazing. Sometimes you don’t know what to expect when you’re about to perform and you’re dealing with loop stations. I’m always nervous like, “Is something going to feedback?” But the sound was perfect and the reverb was crazy.

Sudan Archives at Presbyterian Church in Durham (Chanel Klein/ DOPE HAUS)

DOPE HAUS: Tell me about your journey as a self-taught violinist.

SUDAN: It was a journey of not having private lessons or a high school orchestra. Growing up in a church, I started playing in choir and eventually taught myself to play by ear. Eventually I started making my own electronic music and now I’m performing at a church at Moogfest. (laughs) It’s kind of funny.

DOPE HAUS: Does it feel like you’ve completed a full circle coming back performing at church?

SUDAN: It is a full circle. I completed this circle and now I’m working on other ones.

DOPE HAUS: Did that thought cross your mind as you were performing?

SUDAN: Yeah, I was like, “Does this mean I have to be a good girl? (laughs) Make sure I’m polite?” Sometimes you’re not sure how to conduct yourself in that setting. But everybody was dancing, moving and clapping so it was a good time.

Sudan Archives performing for a full Moogfest audience (Brian Livingstone/@blivingst)

DOPE HAUS: What does your name ‘Sudan Archives’ mean to you?

SUDAN: It means to appreciate other people’s cultures and to always find a light through the darkness. There’s always going to be good and bad but don’t forget, if we can understand each other rhythmically we can come together as one.

DOPE HAUS: You’ll be at Glendale Open Arts & Music festival in California soon. What are you most excited about for that?

SUDAN: I’m excited to do a show with Dublab because I really like their radio station and the theatre looks really cool. I’m excited about performing and supporting Dublab.

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