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UZ / Gangstronauts / Bullet Bill @ Red Room (Aug. 29, 2015)


UZ headlined Saturday Aug. 29th at the Red Room Ultra Bar. Becoming famous for his “Trap Shit”  series and mysterious attire, he and his freaky mask quickly rose the ranks getting noticed by the likes of Diplo, Flosstradomus, and Skrillex just to name a few. His Frontier EP has been released for free through his Soundcloud. Mad Decent’s sub-label “Jeffree’s” has picked up on his “Trap Shit” series and since then he’s taken off.

The show featured more than one notable opener, Gangstronauts being the first of which, got the crowed hyped until about 12:30am. One interesting fact I learned about them was that they created their own visuals as well as their own set. It matched accordingly, sexy astronauts with plenty of space and planetary visuals to coincide with grimy, otherworldly sounds.

gangstro bulletbill

Bullet Bill came on after Gangstronauts at 12:30ish. He followed Gangstronauts well, changing the vibe up just slightly. Although he kept his set quite “gangster” using plenty of modern rap and hip hop samples such as Silentó’s “Watch Me (whip/nae nae)”, he also kept a feel of grimy dubstep similar to a 2010 Excision. Not only did he pull out recent hip hop jams and the dubstep vibe, he also managed to bring in some UK hip hop and make it work with the audience, which can be a very hit or miss situation. Personally, I loved it and everyone around me seemed to feel the same.

UZ was quite obviously the star of the show, but the openers really showed off their skills.

UZ kept true to his form, he came out with his classic mask/bandana get up and kept things deep, dark and mysterious throughout the entire set. I was taking notes through the night but I had to stop when he came on and just take it all in; there are some things you just have to experience rather than take notes on. It honestly felt like a trance, everyone swaying at the exact same momentum and with the same vibe; even completely sober I could feel it. I haven’t experienced that feeling anywhere outside of a festival.


The energy in the crowd was amazing… at least until the end of the night when people started getting sloppy, but that of course is at no fault of the musician. Beyond the incredible desire, my favorite part of the night was when he dropped a mix of Saint & UNIIQU3’s “Yo (I’m Lit)”. I’d been hearing that sample used in a lot of mixes and live sets and it quickly became a favorite of mine.

Overall I think the night was well organized and that all of the artists worked off of each other really well. UZ was quite obviously the star of the show, but the openers really showed off their skills on their own and warmed the crowd up to a hyped frenzy.


Written review by Holly Brown Bear
Video recap and interviews by Xanax Assassins
Special thanks to Red Room and Digital Motion

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